About Us

The idea of Flexstrong was created one evening while I was a SWAT team member and executing a high risk warrant on a residence. For nearly eleven years I had never encountered a door that I couldn’t kick in within a few seconds, and it’s not because I can kick so much harder than most people. It is simply because most doors and door frames are easily broken. On this one winter’s evening our SWAT team approached the house and on the first kick I obviously broke the door frame apart, but the door didn’t open. I kicked repeatedly, but we could not enter. There was something absorbing all the energy from my kick and slamming the door shut. Finally, we forced the door open and entered the home and secured the wanted individual.   As I returned to the door I noticed that what occurred was simply bad luck, but a lesson nonetheless. The wanted man had rolled up a rubber mat and placed it against the door to keep the cold draft out. The floor was linoleum and the moisture from the cold air reaching the hot air caused the rubber to stick to the floor and as I kicked the door it made contact with the rolled up rubber mat and absorbed all of my energy.

Having investigated countless home invasions and having kicked in many doors I was very aware that the problem with securing a door is typically not the strength of the door lock or deadbolt, it is the weakness of the door frame and the door.  The problem with the locks, doors and door frames is that they are too rigid and unforgiving and are not able to withstand an average man’s kick. Flexstrong is the first lock that absorbs the energy of an intruder’s kick or shouldering and that ability to absorb energy is what makes Flexstrong 800% more effective than a standard deadbolt and door lock.*

*FlexStrong was tested by Intertek, a national testing laboratory.  Intertek tested FlexStrong against a top selling door lock set while mounted on a leading door and door frame.  A 100 pound ram was used to breach the door.   While the lock AND deadbolt were engaged it took two strikes with the 100 pound ram to break through the door.  With FlexStrong engaged, without the door lock or deadbolt engaged, it took seventeen blows to finally defeat FlexStrong.  The average male cannot generate the amount of distributed force that the 100 pound ram produced during the tests.