The Data on Home Invasions

The Data on Home Invasions

The Data on Home Invasions


The Facts Regarding Home Invasions

Current home invasion statistics and their trend overall reveal a grim reality that characterizes home security. Home invasions, or forceful entry into private dwellings usually occurs with the intention of perpetrating crimes against the occupants in the form of forceful robbery, violence, and kidnapping among others.

Home invasions differ from burglaries in that home invasions use of force and often violence against the occupants while burglary is mere theft, which usually does not involve any violent acts.  Data from Uniform Crime Reports (UCS) and National Victimization Data Survey (NVDS) among other agencies reveals an appalling trend with regard to home invasions.


Home Invasions Statistics

Current statistics, according to the FBI, indicate that every 12 seconds, a home gets invaded. What is worth noting is that this is a worsening of previous invasion rates. Furthermore, the statistics go on to indicate that there are 6,646 break-ins each day.

For a period of one year, three and a half burglaries occur. Although the statistics show that rental properties are the main targets for burglaries, a considerable number of homes fall victim to this crime as well.

Notably, 85% of burglaries occur through the door.  Forced entry is not required when people leave their doors unlocked.  Additionally, statistics indicate that 38% of assaults and 60% of rapes occur during home invasions.

Unlike burglaries, which occur between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m., home invasions tend to occur between 6 p.m. and 6 a.m.. Unfortunately, a majority of burglars are never caught. Only 12.4% of burglars are caught for their crimes, while the rest, 87.6%, are never brought to account for their crimes.  The statistics for the apprehension and conviction of the perpetrators of home invasions are not great either.


How You Can Protect Yourself from Home Invasions

The fact that home invasion incidents are on the rise is an alarming fact.  While burglaries are primarily motivated by need to steal the occupant’s possessions, home invasions have added agendas, and theft may just be a secondary goal.

In many cases, home invasions are not easy to deter using security systems, since they happen when the owners are at home, and the security system alarm is less likely to be armed and ready to detect intrusions.

In such cases, sturdy construction, especially of windows and doors, can help prevent such home invasions as they can offer greater resistance to physical force.  Additionally, security systems can play an important role in recording such events and increasing the chances of the police catching the perpetrators.  While this is important, we can all agree that it is essential to try to prevent home invasionsbefore they happen.

Many home invasions involve the criminals kicking in the doors to gain access to the house and its occupants.  Consequently, strong doors and windows can prevent successful entry, which can result in safety of the occupants and their possession.

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