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The World’s First Shock Absorbing Lock



* Intertek, one of the leading testing laboratories, tested a top selling door lock set and deadbolt against Flexstrong. Using a 100 pound ram the door lock set and deadbolt failed after only two blows. It took seventeen blows with same ram and force before Flexstrong was finally defeated.

Easy to Use

Close your door, rest assured. Nothing to engage or latch.

Tested,Approved and Patent Pending

Independantly tested by a national leading laboratory.

Unprecedented Strength

800% stronger than door locks and deadbolts, combined! *

Easy to Install

One touch operation. Easy Installation. Seven easy screws.


Works on any size or type of door. Wood or metal.


A testimonial page is being developed. Stay tuned, this will be interesting!



Strengthen Your First Line Of Defense

There are over 9000 home invasions every day across the United States


The idea of Flexstrong was created one evening while I was a SWAT team member executing a high risk warrant on a residence. A strange chain of events involving a simple rubber mat stopped six large SWAT team men from entering a home. This incident sparked the notion that all that is needed to stop someone from forcing a door open is the ability to absorb the energy of the blow. Flexstrong’s patent pending design does just that and is so much more effective than what you are likely relying on today. This lock will help keep your family and valuables safe. I guarantee it.



Easy Operation and Real Protection

Take charge of your safety and equip your home against unwanted intrusions


Protect yourself and your loved ones

Electronic home security systems only alert you when someone has entered your home or property. Alarms can’t stop that person from reaching you, your children, or your valuables and with law enforcement response times often exceeding 20 minutes what is stopping the criminal? For less than an average monthly home security bill you can add real security to your home and help keep you and your family safe. Just push the button to safer home.



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