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Strengthen Your First Line Of Defense

presenting the world’s Strongest Door Lock!!!

Strengthen Your First Line Of Defense

presenting the world’s Strongest Door Lock!!!


Flex-Strong Locks

The worlds first shock absorbing door locks. Electronic home security systems only alert you when someone has entered your home or property. Alarms can’t stop that person from reaching you, your children, or your valuables and with law enforcement response times often exceeding 20 minutes what is stopping the criminal?
For less than an average monthly home security bill you can add real security to your home and help keep you and your family safe.



The First Spark

The idea of Flexstrong was created one evening while I was a SWAT team member executing a high-risk warrant on a residence. A strange chain of events involving a simple rubber mat stopped six large SWAT team men from entering a home. This incident sparked the notion that all that is needed to stop someone from forcing a door open is the ability to absorb the energy of the blow. Flexstrong’s patent-pending design does just that and is so much more effective than what you are likely relying on today. This lock will help keep your family and valuables safe. I guarantee it.


–Brad Lila, Founder & CEO

Insight Into Current Security Trend

The Data on Home Invasions

The Facts Regarding Home Invasions Current home invasion statistics and their trend overall reveal a grim reality that characterizes home security. Home invasions, or forceful entry into private dwellings usually occurs with the intention of perpetrating crimes...

The Reality of Home Security Systems

I am going to touch on the home security market and the false sense of security these systems often offer. Home security alarm systems sales have exploded within the past few years.  The reason for the incredible increase is two fold; i) decrease in installation and...

Door lock buying guide

Getting started Many of the dead-bolt locks tested by Consumer Reports don’t provide the level of protection you might expect. A few well-placed kicks or a standard cordless drill was all it took to defeat most locks. Those test results are especially unsettling...

Easy Operation and Real Protection.

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